Transformational Leadership — LeadToday

One of the eight major leadership theories is known as the Relationship Theory of Leadership, also known as Transformational Leadership. Transformational leaders motivate and inspire people by helping team members see the importance of their role within the organization. These leaders are focused on the performance of team members and also want to help each […]Continue reading “Transformational Leadership — LeadToday”

Live Video Has Taken Social Media By Storm — Thoughts and Views

All these social platforms have introduced Live Video. It’s awesome. This live video has taken social media by storm. I’ve been looking at how active people are when others go live. I’m interested in trying out this live video to promote my blog and business development within time. I will be updating when I do […]Continue reading “Live Video Has Taken Social Media By Storm — Thoughts and Views”

Perspective through another lens… — Maori Entrepreneurship

Its been interesting since being on the course that I have been looking through another lens which has given me different perspectives of business development. Over the last week I’ve been on holiday (a small week off), and spent about three days down in Huntly and Hamilton. Although there to see a friend, I have […]Continue reading “Perspective through another lens… — Maori Entrepreneurship”