“What is your Greatest Strength”: 4 Ways to Get the Ace the Question


“What is your Greatest Strength”: 4 Ways to Get the Ace the Question


By: Samanthe Burton-Bosket


Most interviewers ask a basic question, “What is your greatest strength,” or “What three strengths do you possess?” Applicants may face a sense of dread when presented this question, and applicants often stumble over the answer. There are a number of ways to answer this question, but here is a glimpse into how to prepare for the question before you need it.




1. Prior to any Job Interview, a look at the position requirements can help determine if you have the strengths needed by the employer.


               -Look for similarities in your current position and the job in which you are applying.


Demonstrating that you have read the job description and can relate your strengths to the position is a great way to impress your interviewer. By acknowledging that you have specific strengths tailored to the job you can impress the interviewer.


Interview example


Job Interviewer: “What would you say is your greatest strength?”


Applicant: “The greatest accomplishment in my career is my level of diligence. In my current and previous positions, I have always had a high demand and priorities in a work. As mentioned in the job description, being able to work on multiple projects. Currently, I am working on three projects…”


Relating your experience to the job description is a great way to determine the strengths interviewers may want in an applicant.




2. Getting feedback from a previous employer.


               -Previous employers are sometimes more than willing to give employees feedback for future positions.


As an employee, we are constantly receiving reviews and performance appraisals from our employers. Employers often take a significant amount of time when preparing an employee’s review. We can learn a lot from a review by previous employers, even if the review is not the best. Getting a copy of your review from your employer helps to understand what is needed and how leaders respond to your work ethic.


Interview Example:


Job Interviewer: “What would you say is your greatest strength?”


Applicant: “About three months ago, I had my yearly review with my previous employer and he/she noted that risk taking was my greatest strength. My accomplishment involved research and a SWOT analysis to determine if a venture was in the best interest of my organization.”


By going into detail about work other employers were impressed with not only are you building on a strength like risk taking, but also teamwork and dedication to improving an organization.




3. Looking at your Weaknesses


               -Identifying your weaknesses is a means of identifying your strengths


Constantly trying to improve on a weakness, can be seen as a great strength. Using your persistence to become better in your field personally and professionally can give you a better chance of impressing an interviewer. Interviewers do want to see confidence but letting in a little vulnerability can make you more likable to interviewers.


Interview example


Job Interviewer: “What would you say is your greatest strength?”


Applicant: “One of my greatest strength is constantly working on my communication skills. I see communication as a weakness because improvement is always needed. I want to be a stronger email writer and presenter. I work on these things by…”




By acknowledging the skills you want to improve on and noting how you have improved helps interviewers to understand that you can be a great addition to their team.




4. Using A Self-Reflection Tool


               -Keeping track of your professional progress can help identify strengths


 Last but not least, there is an option to consistently keep track of our accomplishments and the skills needed to succeed. People underestimate the tasks they are assigned daily and the impact it has on their professional development. Keeping a reflection tool can help you decide where your strengths are and how to improve them. The tool itself can be used as a strength in an interview.


Interview example


Job Interviewer: “What would you say is your greatest strength?”


Applicant: “Currently my strength is keeping a reflection tool of all my workplace accomplishments. It gives me an opportunity to look at my progress after the tasks and learn from them.”


In this brief overview, we examined four ways you can ace an essential interview question.




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