How to Start/Grow a Business

How to Start/Grow a Business

By: Samanthe Bosket

Lead Consultant, Samanthe Bosket Consulting

When I started my Consulting business I was not ready. I thought that I started way to early, but then good things started to happen and I realized that it would never be the right time. I sat down and decided to just do it. Here’s a few things that helped me start my business.

  1. Create a Business Plan

I did not do this. It is recommended by professionals everywhere and some professionals think it is totally ridiculous, but it depends on the type of business you are starting. If you plan on starting a business that requires a business loan, then you may have to complete this step, but if you are providing a service, like consulting, its better to just jump in. Now I did plenty of research, checked legal requirements, got an EIN number, looked into getting into the local chamber of commerce (I’ll come back to this). The more you think about starting a business the more doubt you’ll put into your head. It is definitely one of those things you just need to start and work on each day.

2. Start Marketing

Marketing is essential. Make a T-Shirt, make flyers, bumper stickers, postcards, start a blog, etc. Marketing is how you get the word out about your business, there is no doubting that it is effective. When marketing, creative and different ways to engage people into your business help to spread the word. Start a running/walking/biking group, host an art function (even if it is just coloring sessions with others at the library), support a local food bank, etc. There are many ways to market your business just make sure you logo everything, even if your logo is just your company name.

3. Start Simple

Nothing says, “I know what I’m doing,” than a business with simple goals, services or merchandise. Every business has big plans, but the simpler you start your business the easier it is to articulate the business to others. If you start a consulting business, you might want to focus on one or two things, like leadership, business planning, or employee relations. This gives you something to talk about when talking to potential customers/clients.

4. Be your Genuine Self

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen business owners lose themselves trying to get different clients/customers. Most people can tell when you are genuinely behind what you are selling, and if you are not it could hurt your business. Being genuine and providing great service/products is the best way to keep your business afloat. (Like adding pictures of teddy bears to your business blogs, its different but I like it!)

5. Create a Daily Log

Knowing where you are at the end of each day is important to starting and growing a business. If you keep a record of everything you do, the data you collect can help you see where you go wrong or go right. A log of your activities, even if it is one thing can help boost your own morale and reinforce your mission to yourself.

The first five steps are essential, but creating a daily log can help navigate through each business activities. If you are interested in using my Daily log created in excel and available for free by request, fill out the form below and one will be sent to you.

                   (How to Start/Grow a Business: To Be Continued…December  2, 2017)


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As a Leadership Consultant. My goal is to help small business owners prosper in their chosen field. Everyone deserves a chance to succeed and with a little hard work anything is possible.

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